"This book should be studied by anyone who has a responsibility for the control of hazardous energy—this includes equipment designers, persons who install equipment that uses hazardous energy, and persons who supervise or manage persons who work with or around hazardous energy. This is the first (and only) text that covers the subject with the depth and breadth needed to understand the full importance of the practice of hazardous energy control at all levels from the designer to the manager to the persons who work in the hazard zone. "

Robert C. Moats, Consultant

"The selection of topics, their sequence and inter relation shows author’s broad knowledge and experience dealing with the subject. … the author combines a theoretical and practical approach developing a deep, consistent and broad text on the subject instead of a less comprehensive one as part of a more general text on heath and safety applications. At the same time the book should be directed to practitioners and to students of Safety Engineering and related subjects."

Assed N. Haddad, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Neil McManus has a well-deserved reputation as a comprehensive writer in topics affecting industrial concepts and practices affecting safety and injury prevention. This book should be part of the library of any management or safety industrial specialist concerned with ensuring their industry is not affected by its poor or ineffective control."

Edward J. Willwerth, Atlantic Environmental & Marine Services, Inc., Grafton, Massachusetts, USA